About Us


About us

Heidi Herr and Corina Luckenbach are the owners of The Admiral Bird coffee shop in West Seattle, and bring a "Third Place" community gathering-space concept to their projects. They feel strongly that businesses should connect to, and reflect their communities. 

Corina: "Being in service to people is a way of being loving, and I'm excited about the opportunity to serve people in this space because it allows us to offer people an experience on an even bigger scale. I love parties and I want to help people create their perfect event here. You can FEEL the history of South Park Hall, and it contributes to a very unique and special atmosphere." 

"During our time in the Admiral Junction we have hosted baby showers, debate viewings, funerals and birthday parties it makes perfect sense that the next step for us would be a larger space to host these events on a grander scale. Now we just need to get an espresso machine up there so you can also have the perfect latte at your next Record release party."

Heidi Herr & Corina Luckenbach

Heidi Herr & Corina Luckenbach