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Public Event Road House by Schmader

ROAD HOUSE is 1989's uproariously macho zen-judo bouncer drama starring Patrick Swayze as a legendary badass who "lives like a loner, fights like a professional, and loves like there's no tomorrow,” as the film's original tagline put it. A howling tornado of punching fists, bouncing boobs, and brutally stupid dialogue, ROAD HOUSE is a perfect match for David Schmader, the Seattle-based writer and performer who's toured the country with his critically acclaimed "annotated screening" of Paul Verhoeven's ridiculous stripper drama Showgirls, and provided the commentary track for the best-selling Showgirls DVD. On Saturday March 10, Schmader will host a screening of the mighty ROAD HOUSE—or as Schmader calls it, "SHOWGIRLS for boys"— Join us for a night of drunken screaming at a craptastic American classic.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This screening will feature an introduction and running commentary by culture writer and homosexual David Schmader, so if you don't like queers in your ROAD HOUSE, be advised. (David Schmader) 


• Swayze COCK-Tails
• Dive-bar attire encouraged. 1989 dive bar attire? Even better. 
• There's free parking, yay! • PRIZE FOR BEST ROUNDHOUSE KICK

Earlier Event: February 28
Later Event: March 17